York students “Emerging Voices on Asia”

The perspectives of recent York students on Canadian ties to a rapidly changing Asia have recently been published on the “Emerging Voices on Asia” blog of the National Conversation on Asia. The blog posts by Jennifer Mendoza, Matt Summers and Kirubel Mekonnen offer analysis on the environmental impact of the consumption of palm oil by Canadian
consumers, the implications for Canada of China’s rise, and Canada’s security role in Asia. The blog posts are based on an assignment the three prepared for a senior political science course, Asia in the New Global Order (POLS 4595).

An initiative of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, the National Conversation on Asia aims at encouraging Canadians to think about and discuss developments in Asia and their
implications for Canadians.

Access the blog here: http://www.asiapacific.ca/thenationalconversationonasia/blog