York profs on China and this month’s G20 meeting

Policy Options invited Qiang Zha (Education) to write a piece on Canada-China education relations, as part of a special series of articles on Canada-China relations that preceded the Prime Minister’s visit to China and the G20 meeting titled “Canada was once a pioneer in establishing links with Chinese universities. Ottawa should examine what we did right and get back in the game.”

Gregory Chin’s (Political Science) is co-author of two pieces on last week’s events in China. He is co-author of an op-ed on China’s G20 presidency that was published in China Daily on 2 September, the day preceding last week’s G20 Summit. His “What We Can Expect from China at the G20?” is co-authored with Carla Freeman and is part the ChinaFile Conversation, which is a weekly, real-time discussion of China news from a group of the world’s leading China experts.