YCAR Update for 11 September 2011

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Welcome Back!

YCAR welcomes all our associates back for the new academic year! We have an exciting calendar of events this year with speakers working on a diverse range of topics and geographical areas in Asia and Asian diasporas. The new academic year is also a great opportunity for new students, faculty and staff to learn more about YCAR. If you know of anyone who may be interested in YCAR events and announcements, ask them to subscribe to our newsletter. We encourage student students to consider the GDAS and join as Associates. We hope to see many of you in person at the YCAR Welcome Back Meet and Greet later this month but feel free to drop by the Centre at any time. Wishing everyone a good start to 2018–19!

Lecture Series | Emerging Asian Urbanisms

The Emerging Asian Urbanisms series at YCAR explores the diverse processes and practices of urbanism and urbanization in Asia. It draws upon calls made by Ananya Roy and Jennifer Robinson, among others, to investigate “new geographies of theory” as fertile sources of uncovering new ways of understanding urbanism everywhere. In 2018–19, the series organizers will be starting a reading group. The Fall term reading discussion sessions will follow the foundation theories and in-depth work of Jennifer Robinson, Ananya Roy and Abdou Maliq Simone on the processes of urban development, planning and contestation across the continent. Dates and times for group meeting are posted on the series website: https://ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/emerging-asian-urbanisms-event-series/

Annual Report

The 2018 YCAR Annual Report is now available online at https://ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/about-ycar/annual-reports/. The report provides an overview of the Centre’s 2017–18 activities in fulfilling the four dimensions of its mandate: intellectual exchange, research support, graduate training and knowledge mobilization. It also includes information on what our some of our associates have been up to this past year, a listing of Centre-hosted events and projects, and awards/ funding disbursed to our faculty and graduate associates.

Welcoming YCAR’s Visiting Associates
YCAR is currently hosting two visiting scholars: Naoki Fujiwara (Kobe University, Japan) and Yookyoung Lim (Architecture and Urban Research Institute [AURI], South Korea).

Naoki is a doctoral candidate of Politics in the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies and is working with YCAR Faculty Associate, Philip Kelly (Geography). During his time at YCAR, Naoki has been developing the framework used in his doctoral dissertation on urban development in Metro Manila in the age of neoliberalism since the 1990s as well as conducting a comparative analysis of urban development among Asian cities in the wake of neoliberalism. Read Naoki’s research profile at https://ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/people/fujiwara-naoki/ and he will present his research at a talk at YCAR on 17 September.

Yookyoung is an Associate Research Fellow at AURI and holds a PhD in Urban Design and Masters of Architecture from Seoul National University. At YCAR, Yookyoung is working on a comparative study of Seoul and Toronto in terms of urban planning systems and street making processes. She is a visiting scholar at YCAR until January 2019, working with Laam Hae (Politics). Read Yookyoung’s research profile at https://ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/people/lim-yookyoung/ 


YCAR NEWS || Associates

Ted Goossen (English)

Ted Goossen is a recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, an honour celebrating his achievements in promoting Japanese culture on a global scale. Upon the behest of Japanese Emperor Akihito, the Consul-General of Japan in Toronto, Takako Ito, conferred the honour upon Goossen at her private Toronto residence in the presence of Goossen’s family, friends and peers on 7 August 2018.

“It felt so good to be surrounded by my family and friends, some of whom came a long way to be there. The award was secondary to the feeling I had when I stepped to the mic and saw all those faces smiling at me,” said Goossen.

The full story is available at: http://yfile.news.yorku.ca/2018/09/10/japan-honours-york-professor-with-the-order-of-the-rising-sun/.

Nadia Hasan (Research Outreach Officer)
Nadia Hasan was recently appointed as Deputy Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a non-profit, non-partisan, advocacy organization with a focus on civil liberties. Nadia will be leading the organization’s strategic development in advocacy, education and outreach. She has a PhD in Political Science and has worked with YCAR since 2015 on knowledge mobilization projects. Congratulations Nadia! Read more about her research at https://ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/people/nadia-z-hasan/.

Ilan Kapoor (Environmental Studies)
Ilan Kapoor’s new edited collection, Psychoanalysis and the GlObal, shows the possibility of engaging psychoanalysis to address the global in and through the GlObal. The collection is about the hole at the heart of the “glObal,” meaning the instability and indecipherability that lies at the hub of globalization. The contributors use psychoanalysis to expose the unconscious desires, excesses and antagonisms that accompany the world of economic flows, cultural circulation, and sociopolitical change. More information about the book, which is part of the Cultural Geographies + Rewriting the Earth Series can be found at: https://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/university-of-nebraska-press/9781496206800/ .

Abidin Kusno (Environmental Studies)
Abidin Kusno was invited by the Indonesian government to present some of his research findings to contribute a new curriculum for planning schools in the coastal city of South Sumatera. Abidin visited Universitas Lampung and Institute Technology of Sumatera and presented a proposal for a restructuring of planning curriculum.

Kazi Abdur Rouf (External Associate)
Kazi Abdur Rouf’s latest paper, “Compare and contrast NGO/MFIs developed social safety net services (SSNs) in Bangladesh and state-managed SSNs measures in Canada” was published in TSpace. Kazi looks at social safety net measures in Bangladeshi NGOs/MFIs and compares them with state-managed Canadian SSNs services. Read the paper at https://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/handle/1807/90254.


EVENTS || YCAR and York Events

13 Sep | Launch | Indian Migration and Empire: A Colonial Geneology of the Modern State by Radhika Mongia (Sociology)


13 Sep | Queer Archives, Regional Archives: The Unruly Visions of Sheba Chhachhi and Akram Zaatari | The Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies Annual Lecture with Gayatri Gopinath (New York University)


17 Sep | Gentrification, Segregation and Neoliberal Urbanization in Metro Manila, with Naoki Fujiwara (Kobe University)


18 Sep 18 | China’s New Tide of Reverse Migration with David Zweig (HKUST)


20 Sep | Phantom Services: Deflecting Migrant Workers in China with Kevin O’Brien (University of California-Berkeley)


25 Sep | Dialogue on Translation Problems with Interarts Poetry: Exchanges between the Translator and the Poet with Andrew Parkin (CUHK) and Jessica Tsui-Yan Li (DLLL)


26 Sep | Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS) Information Session

26 Sep | YCAR Welcome Back Meet and Greet

27-28 Sep | Women Warriors and National Heroes: Global Perspectives: The Annual Avie Bennett Historica Canada Conference



EVENTS || Community Events

12 Sep | Hong Kong Seminar Series: Mix the Spurious with the Genuine: An Introduction to Xiqu (Chinese Opera) Performance

21 Sep | Remembering Saba Mahmood: Cultural Anthropologist, Scholar of Islam, Theorist of Feminism and Secularism
Room 318, Jackman Humanities Building, University of Toronto, St. George Campus | 3-6pm


OPPORTUNITIES || KORE Project Coordinator | Deadline: 20 September 2018

The Korean Office of Research and Education (KORE) at York University is hiring a project coordinator, who will play a key administrative role in fulfilling the mission and educational, research and institutional initiatives to build Korean studies. Please visit https://ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/kore/ for more details. The deadline for applications is 4pm on Thursday, 20 September 2018.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Tamil Studies Symposium 2018 | Deadline: 20 September 2018 

‘Tamilness’ has been described in turn as an ethnic identity, a linguistic identity, a secular one, a nationalist identity, and as one growing out of a resistance to various forms of oppressive or colonial collectivizations. These pluralities of construction and imaginings of Tamil identity present us with possibilities of intervention in the rigidities and sameness that is normalized in contemporary paradigms of nation-state oriented geopolitics. Grounded in these notions of intervention, the fourth annual Tamil Studies Symposium poses the questions: Can Tamil identity be imagined outside contemporary culture consumption? How does Tamil consciousness productively exceed the limitations of capital and nation-state models? How do Tamils lay the groundwork for mobilizing collectives, and form stable relationships across communities in systemic transformations? As Tamil identity becomes branded through various forms of social media, what forms do these consumable images and narratives take and why? How do critical discourses emerging in Tamil Studies in the present engage with solidarities with other marginalized, minoritized identities?

We invite graduate student scholars to submit abstracts (250 words for papers, or five minutes for film or music submissions). Submissions must be accompanied by a short bio (150 words). Please alert us to media and/or staging requirements, accessibility requirements as well as visa requirements. Please email your submission to tamilstudiesyork@gmail.com by 20 September 2018.