YCAR News | Update on YCAR Governance

YCAR was rechartered by the York University Senate on 25 June 2015  for a five year period starting 1 July 2015.  In addition to this news, I would like to update you on a few other governance issues relating to the Centre.

We have a slightly new Executive Committee this coming year.  The Faculty Associates on the committee are:

Philip Kelly, Geography (LA&PS) (ex-officio), Director
Janice C.H. Kim, History (LA&PS), Associate Director and GDAS Coordinator
Kabita Chakraborty, Children’s Studies (LA&PS)
Sailaja Krishnamurti, Humanities (LA&PS)

Jessica Li, DLLL (LA&PS)
Alicia Turner, Humanities (LA&PS)
Lorna Wright, International Business (Schulich School of Business)
Qiang Zha (Faculty of Education)

And of course Alicia Filipowich, our Centre Coordinator, continues to acts as the secretariat for the executive committee.

We are welcoming Alicia Turner and Jessica Li as new Executive Committee members, and thanking Jean Michel Montsion (Glendon) for his invaluable support and advice over the last three years.

We also have three graduate student representatives on the committee.  Two will be elected at the beginning of the Fall semester, while Catherine Cua (PhD Candidate, Études francophones, Glendon) continues to serve.  Many thanks to Kasim Tirmizey (FES) and Zhipeng Gao (Health) who have great stalwarts in support of YCAR of the last few years.

You may also remember that YCAR now has an External Advisory Council (EAC), which through annual meetings supports us with advice on outreach and other matters. Current members of the EAC are:
Eva Busza, Vice President, Research and Programs, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Avvy Go, Director, Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic
Tam Goossen, Chair, Good Jobs for All Coalition; Vice-President, Urban Alliance on Race Relations
Caroline Mangosing, Founding Executive Director, Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture
David Mulroney, President, University of St Michaels College (Toronto); Canadian Ambassador to China, 2009-2012
Haroon Siddiqui, Editorial Page Editor Emeritus and Columnist, Toronto Star
Richard Stubbs, Professor, McMaster University

I am very grateful to everyone who supports YCAR and its mission. The work we do in supporting research on Asia and Asian Diasporas is very much dependent on the energy and initiative of those who get involved in the Centre.

More news will follow shortly on our exciting line-up of activities for 2015-16.  But do get in touch with us if you have ideas or suggestions to share.

Philip F. Kelly
YCAR Director