Presentations at this international symposium considered  country-specific analysis of income inequality in India and Canada focusing on the economic, environmental, social and cultural impact of and resistance to rising inequality. Central questions anchor the discussion:

How has globalization intensified income inequality What are the effects of income polarization on economic life, social exclusion and environmental concerns? How have India and Canada responded nationally and communally to this seemingly irreversible shift?

The symposium was held on 8-9 June 2015 at York University.

The programme can be accessed here.

The event was chaired by Nancy Mandell, and organized by the Department of Sociology at York University and colleagues at Jamia Millia Islamia University.

This symposium is generously funded by:  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada,  Dean’s Office, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies,  Department of Sociology,  York International,  Jamia Millia Islamia University,  Founders College Master’s Office,  Human Endeavour, and with the support of the York Centre for Asian Research