A message from the director

Summer Greetings!

I hope this message finds you well. First of all, let me thank those of you who were able to attend our Annual General Meeting in May. Hopefully we can hold the event in person next year.

Let me take this opportunity to inform you once again with great pleasure that Radhika Mongia is now YCAR’s Associate Director and Coordinator of Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS). It would be redundant for me to introduce Radhika who is known to many of us, nevertheless Radhika is a faculty member of a number of graduate programs, including Sociology, Politics, Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies, and Social and Political Thought at York University. Her research explores issues of migration, citizenship and state formation. Her most recent single authored book is Indian Migration and Empire: A Colonial Genealogy of the Modern State (Duke University Press, 2018 and Permanent Black Press, 2019). Please join me in welcoming Radhika!

Radhika is replacing Jean Michel Montsion who is now Director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies at York University. We thank JM for his dedication and service, especially in reorganizing our Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS). Congratulations to Jean Michel on his new appointment.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your support of YCAR over these many years. I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that YCAR will be 20 years old in 2022. While I have the privilege in my last year as Director to bring YCAR to this memorable milestone, it is time for us to search for a new Director to bring YCAR further to its Silver Jubilee!

Have a great Summer!

With best wishes,

Abidin Kusno