Students share their summer course experiences in Thailand and Korea

Left to Right: Peter Vandergeest, Mark Samaroo, Aryanne Hawke, Christina Jaikaran, Nicholas Steele, Abegail Hypolite and James Soto

In the summer of 2015, students from York University travelled to Thailand and South Korea for field-based courses in Geography and Political Science. In Encountering Asia: Undergraduate Experiences from York University Study Abroad Courses in Thailand and South Korea, members from each course discussed their learning experiences and presented findings from the research they conducted during their time in Asia.

The student presenters were:
Abegail Hypolite (International Development Studies and Law & Society, recent graduate)
Aryanne Hawke (Environmental Studies, fourth year student)
Christina Jaikaran (Geography and Humanities, fifth year)
Mark Samaroo (Geography, fourth year student)
James Soto (Political Science)
Nicholas Steele (Disaster and Emergency Management, third year student)

The Thailand-based course was taught by Peter Vandergeest and Robin Roth (Geography) and the South Korea course by Thomas Klassen.