The Re[new]All Exhibition Continues

The Re[new}All online exhibition continues its online run! Opening in late September, the various exhibits (including work by YCAR Associates) are still accessible here:

The exhibition Re[new]All is held as an inaugural partnership between Sensorium and the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. The project is an exhibition in virtual space that provides a cultural context to the public health crisis that we have all experienced this past year. The presented works are diverse and focus on artists that are marginalized, or approach topics of marginalization in their work, such as digital artworks and stories that explore the interconnections between Anishinaabeg ontologies and microscopic imagery, and others that explore Asian Futurist Diasporic aesthetics. The exhibition is also supported by other academic units such as VISTA, YCAR, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, Betaspace and the AMPD Makerspace.