Summer 2020 message from YCAR Director Abidin Kusno

Summer is here and it is an unusual one for many of us who have been accustomed to doing fieldwork during this season. It is a big challenge for most of us who rely on our intellectual and emotional connections with people in geographical Asia. We nevertheless hope everyone is coping and adjusting well. YCAR remains open (virtually) and we are here to support you in your research activities. We are also keeping ourselves busy with learning and preparing (not without anxiety) for a virtual academic year. Please do stay in touch and feel free to share your knowledge, concerns and suggestions for effective virtual engagement for the Fall term.

This new academic year marks the beginning of YCAR’s fourth charter. We were fortunate to have inherited a solid basis from previous years of operation and received consistent support from all of you throughout YCAR’s years of existence. Through your work, we have accomplished much in our last charter years.

The full message is available here