Summer 2022 recipients of Canada-China Initiative Funding

The summer 2022 recipients of Canada-China Initiative Funding engage in a variety of topics, ranging from Chinese Canadian prose fiction to Chinese international students in Canada. Congratulations to the recipients!

Monique Attrux (English) received funding for her dissertation project, Writing Chinese: Diasporic Entanglements in Chinese Canadian English Prose Fiction. The project examines language—as a form, theme, and structure—in the production and reception of Chinese Canadian prose fiction. The funding will be used to support her field trip research to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“Crossing Time Zones,” an international online exhibition featuring works by emerging artists from China, Canada, and Australia, also received support. Bringing together Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology (York University), Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (Shenyang, China), LAFA Gallery at Lu Xun Academy, and the Sino-Canada Alliance for the Arts (Canada), the project is led by Melanie Wilmink (Sensorium), Sun Wei [Suvy] (Lu Xun Academy) and Joel Ong (Sensorium). Through this event, the curatorial team aims to reveal the similarities and differences in creative approach fostered by unique cultural identities. The exhibition is now online until December 2022.

In her dissertation research on Dr. Norman Bethune’s Image in China and Canada, Chengjiao Zhang (Comparative Literature) is examining the factors that have resulted in conflicting national images of this controversial figure in the two countries. CCIF funds will support fieldwork in cities in eastern Canada and the United States. She hopes that her research will bring to light new facts that contribute to scholarship in this area.   

Yuxi Zhao (Communication and Culture) also received support for his doctoral research. His project considers the relationship between digital media consumption and cultural adaptation of Chinese international students to Canada in the dual pandemic of COVID-19 and anti-Asian racism. This will include an analysis of how conflicting media framing of COVID-19 in Canada and China has influenced how international students negotiate their identity and their belongingness in these two nations.

Via its Canada-China Initiative Fund, YCAR supports scholarly exchanges and research on modern (i.e., post 1911) and contemporary China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and their global outreach or Canada-China linkages, or the experiences of the Chinese-Canadian community. The next deadlines for applications are 22 January 2023 and 22 July 2023.

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