SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships Awarded to our Graduate Associates

Congratulations to our Graduate Associates who received Canada Graduate Scholarships as part of the Fall 2020 competition. The results were recently announced on the SSHRC website.

  • Seungwoo Baek, Communication and Culture | Perpetual Motion Machine: race as a mediating technology of the American conception of a networked empire
  • Boyuan H. Bridge, Film Production | Chinese Diaspora & Chamber Cinema: Revisiting cultural memory through film-theatre interiors and chamber film aesthetics
  • Ernest Leung, Communication and Culture | Laughing through our Differences: Investigating Chinese Cultural Identities in Stand-Up Comedy
  • Dani Magsumbol, Political Science | The Filipino Labour Diaspora: Affective Citizenship and Authoritarian Regimes
  • Carli Melo, Geography | Internal migrants in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector: examining exploitative labour practices and social reproduction in global production networks
  • Zahra Nader, Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies | Afghan women’s political histories from the 1960s to 1990s
  • Esther Sampson, Communication and Culture | The Exotic Scent of Orientalism: How publishers and book categorizations orient North Americans towards Japanese cultural odours
  • Aparna Sengupta, Social Anthropology | Understanding Risk: A Socio-anthropological Investigation of Floods in Uttarakhand, India
  • Jagteshwar Sohi, Osgoode Hall Law School | Environmental justice struggles in India: extractive industries, marginalized communities and the law

The full list of recipients is available here:

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