South Asian Documentary Film Festival 2021: Stories of, by and from South Asia | March 12-July 23

YCAR is pleased to support the South Asian Film Festival 2021—“Stories of, by and from South Asia” 

This is a FREE, virtual Film Festival showcasing 15 South Asian documentaries from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Myanmar! 

This unique festival is inviting audiences all over the world to register and access these films free of cost.  

The festival is aimed at amplifying South Asian culture and activism to create meaningful dialogues and intercultural awareness. We see these films as important resources for students, researchers, faculties and general film enthusiasts to learn more about South Asia and its diaspora. 

How it works:

This festival will be screening movies from Film Southasia’s 2020 Package and is facilitated by Juice in co-sponsorship with the University of Windsor: Communication, Media and Film & Women’s and Gender Studies; Ryerson University’s Critical Diasporic South Asian Feminism Project; and the York Centre for Asian Research. 

For further information, contact Anushray Singh (Juice editor and co-ordinator, South Asian Documentary Film Festival 2021).