March Schedule | South Asian Documentary Film Festival 2021

YCAR is pleased to support the South Asian Film Festival 2021—“Stories of, by and from South Asia” 

This FREE, virtual Film Festival is aimed at amplifying South Asian culture and activism to create meaningful dialogues and intercultural awareness. We see these films as important resources for students, researchers, faculties and general film enthusiasts to learn more about South Asia and its diaspora. 

12 March 2021

The Winter Tap
Nepal | 2018 | 12 mins
by Aashish Limbu & Debin Rai

Life in hills of Nepal is difficult: even a basic need of drinking water becomes arduous in winter when all source of water disappears. In such a environment, a man finds an ingenious way to build a water source for his family.

Janani’s Juliet
India | 2019 | 53 mins
by Pankaj Rishi Kumar

Kausalya lost her husband Shankar, when they were attacked by her family members for marrying against their wish. Deeply disturbed by a spate of honor killings, a Pondicherry based theatre groups sets out to introspect on the implications of caste, class and gender. They adapt Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

19 March 2021

In Fact
India | 2019 | 51 mins
by Debalina Majumder

Glimpses of lives lived on their own terms, resisting social norms that seek to homogenise diversity. The film is a celebration of love and togetherness with a difference; it is a celebration of the struggles to live those differences. Three snippets depict three life stories that talk of their selves, their loves and their dreams and intimacies.

Chai Darbari
India | 2019 | 29 mins
by Prateek Shekhar

A search for ‘truth’ stumbles upon varied textures of conversations, carrying echoes from print, electronic, social media, redolent with the local atmosphere and the city’s history. Inspired by a few conversations, Chai Darbari provides a moment to breathe and make sense of multiple lived realities and their subsequent multiple memories.

26 March 2021

Indus Blues
Pakistan | 2019 | 75 mins
by Jawad Sharif

Pakistani folk artists describe their struggle to keep a fading art form alive while reminding the world of what it is about to lose. The film tells the story of some of the most precious folk music treasures in the world on the verge of extinction. These musicians are the most prominent figures in their art form but are barely surviving amidst an indifferent society.

How it works:

This festival will be screening movies from Film Southasia’s 2020 Package and is facilitated by Juice in co-sponsorship with the University of Windsor: Communication, Media and Film & Women’s and Gender Studies; Ryerson University’s Critical Diasporic South Asian Feminism Project; and the York Centre for Asian Research. 

For further information, contact Anushray Singh (Juice editor and co-ordinator, South Asian Documentary Film Festival 2021).