Research & Research Creation Funding and Publication Support Opportunities

Deadline: Tuesday, 25 July 2023

York University faculty members engaged in research and research creation broadly related to Philippines and/or its diasporas are invited to submit an application for research/creation funding and/or publication support.

Poster for the funding opportunities for York University faculty from the Philippine Studies Group

The Philippine Studies Group at the York Centre for Asian Research is offering up to five minor research grants of up to C$4,500 each as well as support for faculty members to disseminate research in the field of Philippine studies (number and value based on applications).

This opportunity is open to full-time York faculty, with a preference for early career scholars.

Minor Research & Research Creation Grants

These grants are for faculty members wishing to undertake research/creation broadly related to Philippine studies, that could include, but is not limited to, Filipino arts, history, cultures, languages, politics, society, economics and environments; Filipino-Canadian relations; Filipinos in Canada; Filipinos in the diaspora; and/or Canadians in the Philippines. Applicants from faculties across York university are invited to apply. We are looking for applications that show a clear link to Philippine Studies. Where possible, we also seek applications that involve undergraduate or graduate students through opportunities for training and professional development.

Your application should contain:

  • CV (PDF or Word document)
  • Project description (PDF or Word document), including knowledge mobilization outputs, of no more than 750 words.
  • Detailed budget and justification, noting any other project support (such as related work being funded by internal or external grants).
  • Project timeline, noting that the funds will need to be spent by 31 December 2023.

Access the application form at this link:

Publication Support

This funding is intended to assist in covering expenses that will enable or enhance the publication of research in the field of Philippines Studies.

Eligible expenses include research support, indexing, artwork, copyright clearance, cartography, image reproduction, translation or copy editing. The fund might also contribute towards the cost of a publishing subvention required by a university press.

The fund is not intended to cover costs that would ordinarily be borne by the publisher. Nor does it support the collection, compilation, analysis or writing of material, which is considered basic research assistance and thus should be funded from another source. This funding will not support page charges for journals or open access publication charges.

Your application should contain:

  • CV (PDF or Word document)
  • Publication summary (500 word max, PDF or Word document)
  • Breakdown and justification of the funding requested 
  • Timeline of the publication process, noting that the funds will need to be spent by 31 December 2023.

Access the application form at this link:

Applications for both opportunities will be reviewed by the PSG Award Adjudication Committee whose criteria includes:

  1. Quality of project proposal: Does the application address, and enhance knowledge in,  the field of Philippine Studies?
  2. Quality of applicant’s CV: Does the applicant have a prior record of research and publication, or creative output, in Philippine Studies?
  3. Feasibility : Does the budget match the project’s goals? Will this project be completed within the time frame allocated? 

Applications will be accepted until midnight on Tuesday, 25 July 2023. Late applications will not be reviewed.  

For more information, contact the PSG at

This call is available at this link: