Opportunities | YCAR-hosted research projects seeking undergraduate Research Assistants for summer 2021 | Deadline: April 30

We are seeking two York University undergraduate research assistants for summer 2021 RAY (Research at York) positions. The position descriptions are below. Interested students can apply to these positions via Student Financial Services. All applicants also need to complete a Work/Study application to determine their eligibility. The application deadlines are 30 April 2021.  

Chinese-fluent Research Assistant (Taiwanese fisheries):
Work at Sea: Explaining Labour Relations in the Global Fishing Industry 

The Research Assistant will be trained in conducting online research on diverse sources, compiling annotated bibliographies, and writing reports. The main responsibilities will be to explore, collect and summarize in English information concerning workers on fishing vessels operated from Taiwan. This research will complement other researchers who are working on source country information. The focus will be on Chinese language sources, largely from Taiwan, including government websites, research papers, news media, NGO websites, social media, and industry sources including crewing agencies. 

We are seeking a student with experience in social science research, fluent Chinese reading skills (Mandarin), and good English writing skills. Desired skills include: online research experience exploring diverse sources of information, knowledge of East Asia especially Taiwan, good analytical skills, and the ability to summarize by identifying key points of interest. 

Punjabi-fluent Interviewer/Transcriber:
The Impacts of COVID-19 on Punjabi Migration 

The Research Assistant will work with an international research team (Canada and India) on a project that considers the impact of COVID-19 on Punjabi migration. The  project’s aim is to identify the new and shifting needs, obstacles, concerns and strategies around immigration and settlement among young newcomer Punjabis (aged 18–35) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) arising as a result of COVID-19. The research findings will enable its project partner, Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS), and other settlement organizations in Canada to respond with the most effective and timely policies, programs and services to the pandemic. A key project activity is in-depth interviews and the RA will be trained in in-depth interviewing, specifically with Punjabis in the GTA as well interview transcription. They will be the vital communication between the research participants and the research team. They will also work with the team and PCHS on the project’s knowledge mobilization outputs.   

We are seeking a student who is fluent in Punjabi and English, has good people/communication skills, likes working in a team atmosphere, and is responsible. Training will be provided.    

Questions about specific positions can be directed to ycar@yorku.ca. For questions about the submission portal or the Work/Study application, please click here.