YCAR Visiting Associate | Yavanna Puts


yputsYCAR is pleased to welcome Yavanna Puts as a visiting graduate associate for the 2015-2106 academic year.

Yavanna is a masters student in Applied Communication Science at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She has a special interest in environmental governance and fisheries. Her research focuses on communication with and between citizens, civil society and governing bodies with regards to the quality of life and the environment. More specifically, she is looking at the role of civil society in environmental governance and knowledge dissemination, in order to improve the state of the world’s oceans and fisheries.

As part of her graduate studies, Yavanna will be creating a research database for the New Directions in Environmental Governance project. NDEG is based at YCAR and led by Peter Vandergeest (Geography), who will work with Yavanna during her visit.

Yavanna can be reached at yavanna.puts@wur.nl.