emerging_powersBRICS and Beyond (2006-2013) studied the emergence of the BRICS, from a range of political economy and geopolitical perspectives. The focus was on whether and how the ascent of the rising states affected: 1) Great Power relations; 2) less developed countries of the South; and 3) regional integration and cooperation. Phase 1 was supported financially by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and the Vice President for Research and Innovation, York University.

Program Publications

April 2014 | “Consultative Forums: State Power and Multilateral Institutions” (Gregory Chin and Jorge Heine), in International Development: Ideas, Experience and Prospects (Oxford University Press), edited by B. Currie-Adler, R. Kanbur, D. Malone, R. Medhora

OHMD book cover

April 2013 | “Development Aid and the Rise of New Donors”, YCAR Asia Research Brief, No. 1, Gregory Chin and Fahimul Quadir

March 2013 | “The Economic Diplomacy of the Rising Powers” (Gregory Chin), in The Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy (Oxford University Press), edited by A.Cooper, J. Heine, R. Thakur

December 2012 | “Rising States, Rising Donors – BRICS and Beyond”, a special issue of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs (Volume 25, Issue 4)


o Introduction: Rising States, Rising Donors and the Global Aid Regime
Gregory Chin and Fahimul Quadir

Brazil as ‘Southern Donor’: Beyond Hierarchy and National Interests in Development Cooperation?
Cristina Yumie Aoki Inoue and Alcides Costa Vaz

Towards a New Aid Paradigm: South Africa as African Development Partner Brendan Vickers

o |India’s Development Partnership: Key Policy Shifts and Institutional Evolution
Sachin Chaturvedi

o China as a ‘Net Donor’: Tracking Dollars and Sense
Gregory Chin

o Between Caution and Controversy: Lessons from the Gulf Arab States as (Re-)emerging Donors
Bessma Momani and Crystal A Ennis

Individual BRICS or a Collective Bloc? Convergence and Divergence amongst ‘Emerging Donor’ Nations
Dane RowlandsBrown Journal

Fall/Winter 2012 | “China, the World Bank and Hegemonic Weakening”, The Brown Journal of World Affairs (Volume 19, Issue 1)

May 2011 | “Realigning Global Governance:  Regionalism in China’s Finance Rise”, Harvard Asia Quarterly (Volume 13, Issue 1)


The Rising Donors Workshop

The Rising Donors Workshop was an activity of the BRICS and Beyond Project, and aimed to develop deeper comparative understanding of the motivations and intentions of the B(R)ICS as rising donors, and the implications of their development assistance for recipient countries and for global development, and the world economy.

The Workshop was hosted by YCAR at York University on 20-21 November 2009 and was funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation of York University.

The Workshop was co-organized by YCAR Faculty Associates Gregory Chin (Political Science) and Fahimul Quadir (Development Studies).

The workshop welcomed the contributing authors in the Special Issue of Cambridge Review of International Affairs on “Rising States, Rising Donors – BRICS and Beyond” (listed above),  as well distinguished academic colleagues (Simone Bohn, Pablo Idahosa, Robert Latham, Viviani Patroni of York University), and policy makers, who served as discussants for the papers.  This research group agreed to continue working together as a new Rising Donors Research Group(see below). 

Project participants are researching whether and if so how, the rising donors are redefining “what is development” in theory and practice. The rising donors that are covered in this project are Brazil, India, China, South Africa and the Gulf States. The research generated individual country, comparative and global systemic analyses.

The programme has its origins in the research commissioned by IDRC on the B(R)ICS as Emerging Donors project. To see the four published country studies, please visit: www.idrc.ca/en/ev-140964-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html.


Rising Donors Research Group

The Rising Donors Research Group (RDRG) is a network of scholars, practitioners and development professionals with expertise on the role and impact of the rising donors or new foreign assistance providers. RDRG will focus on sharing research results and methodology, and put together conferences and seminars on rising donors or new development partnership linkages.

RDRG members are university lecturers and researchers whose research and teaching deal substantially with the rising or new donors; researchers in think-tanks and other non-profits with specialization on rising or new donors; advanced graduate students (beyond the MA level); journalists who report on the emerging donors; independent researchers/writers who have published extensively on the theme; professionals, such as development consultants with the relevant background of practice; industry leaders and analysts who write extensively or speak on the rising donors.

RDRG members: 

Manmohan Agarwal, The Centre for International Governance, Canada
Sachin Chaturvedi, Research and Information System for the Developing Countries, India
Gregory Chin, York University, Canada, Network Lead
Andrew F. Cooper, University of Waterloo, Canada
Crystal Ennis, University of Waterloo, Canada
Thomas Fues, German Development Institute, Germany
Cristina Y. A. Inoue, University of Brasília, Brazil
Bessma Momani, University of Waterloo, Canada
Ernesto Soria Morales, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris
Fahimul Quadir, York University, Canada, Network Lead
Dane Rowlands,  Carleton University, Canada
Michele Ruiters, Development Bank of Southern Africa
Andrew Schrumm, The Centre for International Governance Innovation, Canada
Timothy B. Shaw, University of the West Indies
Alcides Vaz, University of Brasília, Brazil
Brendan Vickers, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Wang Yong, Peking University, China
Alicia Filipowich, Network Coordinator, York Centre for Asian Research, York University


Related Publications:

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G. Chin and A. Malkin, “Russia as a Re-Emerging Donor: Catching-Up in Africa”, CIGI Commentary, March 8, 2012

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Related Activities:

“How Cohesive are the BRICS?: A Debate with Gregory Chin”, Asia Centre (Paris), moderated by François Godement, and recorded by David Péneau, 10 April 2012

Keynote Presentation to China Society of International Economics, Beijing, October 2011

Beijing Forum, Panel on Global Economic Governance, Peking University, 4 November 2010

Workshop on “Global Economic Governance in a World of Crisis”, Bellagio Center of the Rockefeller Foundation, Lake Como, Italy, 10-11 March 2010


Workshop on “The G20-G8 Continuum: Global Governance in a World of Crisis”, Rome, Italy, 6 July 2009

Hosted by Instituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Chatham House, the G8 Research Group, University of Toronto, and CIGI

Workshop on “Rising States, Rising Institutions”, at Princeton University on 25-27 August 2008

Hosted by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and CIGI

Conference on “China in Global Governance: Beyond the G8” in Shanghai, China on 12 July 2008
Hosted by the School of International and Diplomatic Affairs at Shanghai International Studies University, the G8 Research Group of University of Toronto, and CIGI

“The Role of Emerging Donors in Afghanistan: China and India Compared”
Talk by Gregory Chin, The Atlantic Council of Canada’s 2008 Spring Conference, 1 May 2008

Workshop on “China’s New Economic Diplomacy”
CIGI, Waterloo, Canada, 26-27 April 2008

“Chinese Official Development Assistance: The Philippines Experience in the North Luzon Railways and National Broadband Network Projects”
Talk by Rommel Gavieta, YCAR Research Associate, 11 April 2008

Guest Lecture on “China as Foreign Aid Donor: Motivations and Global Leadership Capacity”
CIGI, Waterloo, Canada, 25 March 2008

“In the Shadow of Great Power-Emerging Power Rivalry: Rising China and the Caribbean Region”
Inaugural Chinese New Year Lecture, University of the West Indies, by Gregory Chin, hosted by the Institute for International Relations (IIR), 8 February 2008