YCAR News | 2020 Vivienne Poy Asian Research Award Recipients

YCAR offers or adjudicates nine awards to graduate students at York University on an annual basis. In 2020, 21 students received over $40,000 in support of their research, fieldwork and language studies. In each Update over the summer, we will introduce the 2020 winners.

In this final installment, we congratulate the 11 recipients of a Vivienne Poy Asian Research Award.

Hana Ahmed (Doctoral candidate, Social Anthropology) | Citizenship and Subjectivity of the Indigenous Jumma People of Bangladesh in the Aftermath of the Peace Accord

Peter Duker (Master’s student, Geography) | River Reserves in Karen Communities of Northern Thailand: A community Politics of Possibility

Mallory MacDonnell (Doctoral candidate, Geography) | The State of Thai-based Fisheries: Labour Complexities Associated with Technologies and Marine Ecologies

Zahra Nader (Master’s candidate, Communication and Culture) | Can Facebook bring Political Inclusion for Afghan Women?

Dalton Rawcliffe (Doctoral candidate, History) | The Cultural Revolution and the British Chinese: Radicalization of a Transnational Community

Antoniel Roca (Doctoral student, Ethnomusicology) | Cultural Symbiosis: Philippine-North American Diaspora and its Impact on the Independent Alternative Music Scene in Manila Metropolitan

Philip Sarrazin (Master’s student, Geography) | Global Player Production Networks: The case of China-Canada Hockey Network

Deepa Venkatesan (Master’s student, Communication and Culture) | GRIH

Christopher Vogel (Doctoral candidate, History) | The Lives of Zhang Keting: Gender, Opera, Trafficking and Status in Late Qing China

Sabika Zaidi (Master’s student, Environmental Studies) | Governing Land: Analyzing Delhi State’s Changing Relationship with Capital

Summaiya Zaidi (Doctoral candidate, Law) | Legal Education in South Asia

Vivienne Poy Asian Research Awards are granted to graduate students enrolled at York University and who are graduate associates of the York Centre for Asian Research. Priority is given to students who apply to do research in fulfillment of the fieldwork requirement of the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS). More about YCAR’s awards can be found here. The next deadline for YCAR-administered award applications is 9 February 2021.