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“Other Diplomacies” of Non-State Actors:
The Case of Canadian-Asian Relations 
A Special Issue of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 11(4)(2016)(In Press)

Cover of Hague Journal of DiplomacyEditors: Susan J. Henders and Mary M. Young
Contributors: Serge Granger, Susan J. Henders, Randolph Mank, Jean Michel Montsion, Mary M. Young

This special issue of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy expands the analytical tools for studying non-state actor diplomacies and extends empirical understanding of the phenomena to Canadian-Asian relations, past and present. Developing and interrogating the concept of “other diplomacies” (Beier and Wylie 2010; Young and Henders 2012), the authors analyse non-state actor practices with a diplomatic character. Case studies examine 250 years of ties between people in Canada and eastern and south Asia in business, labour, migration, missionary, education, development, and non-governmental organization spheres. The articles uncover the varied, sometimes private, everyday spaces of other diplomatic encounters at the boundaries between separated peoples communities. Revealing the centrality of other diplomacies in world orders, the articles trace the frequently intertwined nature of state and other diplomacies and the tensions, ambiguities, and complementarities between them.

Contents    Article Abstracts and Author Bios

“Other Diplomacies” of Non-State Actors: The Case of Canadian-Asian Relations
Susan J. Henders and Mary M. Young

“Other Diplomacies” and World Order: Historical Insights from Canadian–Asian Relations
Mary M. Young and Susan J. Henders

Other Diplomacy” in Paradiplomacy: Quebec’s Cinema and China
Serge Granger

Diplomacy as Self-Representation: British Columbia’s First Nations and China
Jean Michel Montsion

Reflections on the Role of Non-State Actors in Canada–Asia Relations
Randolph Mank