Now available on YouTube: YCAR’s Taiwan Elections Panel Audio Recording


Taiwan’s 16 January 2016 election gave the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) control of both the Presidency and the Legislature for the first time. Significant changes can be expected in domestic policies such as same sex marriage, indigenous self-government and judicial reform. Relations with China will change under a party that does not share the “one China” assumptions of the previous government, and Taiwan will reach out more actively to engage the world, including Canada.

On January 28, 2016, three observers with different perspectives, shared their stories and discussed possible developments arising from this major political change in Taiwan at an event at the York Centre for Asian Research, Toronto.

The panelists included:
Charles Burton, political scientist and sinologist, Brock University
Michael Stainton, anthropologist of Taiwan politics
Sheng Xue, journalist and Chinese exile leader
Chair: Susan Henders, Political Science and YCAR, York University

This video includes the audio from the discussion as well as images of the panelists and election campaign materials.