Nga Dao recognized as ‘Hotspot Hero’ for outstanding conservation effort


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund recognized York alumnus Dr Nga Dao (Development Studies and YCAR Research Associate ) as one of its 15 ‘Hotspot Heroes’ for outstanding conservation efforts. The Indo-Burma Hotspot Hero, Dr Dao is the co-founder and director of the Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development (WARECOD), a Vietnamese nongovernmental organization that focuses on water resources in the country, primarily rivers. The aim of the organization is to protect not only the biodiversity of water resources, but also the well-being of the communities that depend on those ecosystems.

CEPF selected the Heroes from among the fund’s more than 2,000 grantee organizations around the globe.

Recipients were honoured at a reception at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii, in conjunction with the World Conservation Congress held by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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