Welcome to our new YCAR Associate Director/GDAS Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Jean Michel Montsion (Multidisciplinary Studies) accepted the role of YCAR Associate Director and began his term on 1 July 2020. He will also serve as Coordinator for the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies. He replaces Laam Hae (Politics) who has served in these roles for the past five years. We wish her a happy sabbatical!

Jean Michel has been associated with the Centre since his doctoral studies. His research focuses on ethnic, urban and mobility questions as they arise in Canada’s relations with various Asian societies and communities. His SSHRC project—Asian International Students to Canadian Universities: Examining the Racialization of Chinese, Indian and Korean Students in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg—is administered by the Centre. He has served in administrative roles for the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and is currently Chair of the Glendon Faculty Council and a Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.