Marxist Studies in Global and Asian Perspectives (MSGAP)

York University represents one of the largest concentrations of academics—faculty, graduate students, and interested upper-level undergraduates—who use Marxism to study the world and to make practical interventions. Marxist Studies in Global and Asian Perspectives (MSGAP) is a research program that brings together within a common framework Marxists at York University and at other nearby institutions who work on Asia and Marxists who work on other parts of the world. MSGAP endeavours to foster and disseminate research through a variety of activities including events related to Marxism. The program is motivated by a range of concerns including but not limited to the ways a Marxist approach can allow us: to compare various national and regional approaches to economic and foreign policy, economic development, neoliberalism, gender and ethnic relations, material conditions, religions, income and wealth inequality, and climate change; and to theorize and investigate fundamental transformations in economic, political, and social relations and events as they unfold within Asia and across the world.

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MSGAP events:

Race, Class and Intersectionality: Identity, Marxism and the Stakes of Recent Debates
Barbara Foley | Rutgers University (Mar. 20)

21st Century Socialism: Reform or Revolution?
Murray Smith | Brock University