An online conference series organized by the China Academic Network on Gender & York University

With the generous support of the Canada-China Initiatives Fund (CCIF)

Organizing committee: Jennifer BOND (University College London), Coraline JORTAY (University of Oxford), Chang LIU (CUHK Shenzhen), Chris VOGEL (York University)

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KEYNOTES: Joan Judge (York University) and Wang Zheng (University of Michigan)

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WEEK 1 – TUESDAY 29 March 2022
08:00 Toronto | 13:00 London | 20:00 Beijing

Opening Keynote Address | 08:00–09:15 EDT

Joan Judge, York University | Women as Vernacular Knowers in the Long Republic: What We Can Learn from Cheap Print

Panel 1: Quotidian Objects and Gender in the Making | 09:30–11:00 EDT

Chair: Jennifer BOND (University College London)

WANG Yizhou (University of Heidelberg) | More than Cool Breeze: Courtesans’ Fans as Material Embodiment and Social Objects in the Everyday Life of Ming Dynasty

GENG Yushu (University of Dublin) | Making and Selling ‘Hazeline Snow’ in Twentieth Century China


WEEK 2 – TUESDAY 5 April 2022
08:00 Toronto | 13:00 London | 20:00 Beijing

Panel 2: Sex and the Cityscape: Negotiating Gender Through Urban Spaces | 08:00–10:00 EDT

Chair: Liu Chiu-Wan (National Taiwan University)

YIP Suk Man (University of Heidelberg) | The Gendered Images of Hong Kong in the Official Newspaper Supplements in the Early 1960s

WU Kaming (Chinese University of Hong Kong) | The Pink Flaneur: Feminist Activism, Urban Infrastructure, and Gendered Citizen Practices in China

LYU Xinshu (Central China Normal University) | Comparative ethnography of spatial characteristics of LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ parks


WEEK 3TUESDAY 12 April 2022
20:00 Toronto | 14:00 Honolulu | 08 :00 (Wednesday 13 April) Beijing

Panel 3: Staging Masculinities: the Phonograph and the Page | 20:00–22:00 EDT

Chair: Chang Liu (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen)

XU Peng (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa) | The Male Voice of “Little Kitten Opera”: A Preliminary Genealogy of All-Female Performance in Chinese Opera, 1900-1910

Chihho LIN (University of California, San Diego) | Illustrating Socialist Heroes: The Literary-Martial Ideal of Masculinity in Railroad Guerrillas

TONG Zhenkai (University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies – SOAS) | Gendering and Selling Sports Through the Funü Zazhi, 1915–1931 


WEEK 4TUESDAY 19 April 2022

08:00 Toronto | 13:00 London | 20:00 Beijing

Panel 4: Gadgets, Gowns and Groceries Remaking Gender Identities | 08:00–10:00 EDT

Chair: Chris Vogel (York University)

QIU Yitong (London School of Economics) | Power and Identity of Women in Qing: A Study of Women Dress by Means of Confiscation Inventory Lists

HUANG Ao (SOAS, University of London) | Trans-gender Things: Objects and the Materiality of Trans-femininity in Ming-Qing China  

XIE Yanli (University College Dublin) | Cooking-related writings, gender making, and Chinese women in the 1920s and 1930s


WEEK 5TUESDAY 26 April  2022

08:00 Toronto | 13:00 London | 20:00 Beijing

Panel 5: Deflecting Gender: Mirrors Mediating Femininities | 08:00–10:00 EDT

Chair: Coraline Jortay (University of Oxford)

Keru CAI (University of Oxford) | The Proximity Effect: Agency and Isolation in Eileen Chang’s “Love in a Fallen City”

Mariana Zegianini (SOAS, University of London/The Courtauld Institute of Art) | Decamping the Mirror, Inhabiting the Portrait: Late Ming Portraits of Women as Gender Performance

Angela CHEUNG (SOAS, University of London) | The Chinese boatwoman: desire and photographic materiality in nineteenth-century Hong Kong



08:00 Toronto | 13:00 London | 20:00 Beijing

Panel 6: Dressing the Part: Refashioning Gender through War and Reform | 08:00–10:00 EDT

Chair: Coraline Jortay (University of Oxford)

Nicolas Schillinger (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) | Flag of Our Heroes – Masculinity and Collective Memory in The Eight Hundred 

Aoife Cantrill (University of Oxford) | Three Capes, Playing Mahjong: Dressing the part in Zhang Ailing’s Shanghai 

ZHANG Shimin (University of Heidelberg) | New Outfits and New Confidence: Images of Rural Women in Nongjianü Baishitong in Reform China  

Closing Keynote address | 10:00–11:15 EDT

Wang Zheng, University of Michigan | The Chained Woman: Exposing Sexual Slavery in the 21st Century China