Korean Office for Research and Education (KORE)

The Korean Office for Research and Education (KORE) is a collaboration of Korean scholars at York University. KORE’s mandate is the promotion of a new, critical, comparative and transnational Korean studies. Drawing from the expertise of Korean scholars at York as well as other stakeholders and academic partners in Eastern Canada, KORE aims to play a leadership role in directing cutting-edge research and facilitating intellectual exchanges. KORE also supports teaching initiatives at York University.

KORE is the home of the “Korea in the World, the World in Korean Studies” project.

YCAR-associated York researchers who focus on Korea and the Diaspora have been forerunners in their field in establishing research priorities and at the forefront of knowledge production by publishing their research in leading academic presses. Their works highlight the breadth and strength of the publication record of York researchers on topics ranging from Korean literature, aesthetics, urban geography, gender studies, and comparative politics of aging to the transnational history of the two Koreas and the Korean diaspora.

Gregory Chin, Politics
Meghna George, Graduate Programme in Social Anthropology
Kyle Gibson, Graduate Programme in Environmental Studies
Laam Hae, Politics
Mihyon Jeon Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Hong Kal, Visual Art and Art History
Ann H. Kim Sociology
Janice C.H. Kim, History
Thomas Klassen Politics and the School of Public Policy and Administration
David Kyongwon Lee, Economics
Sangyoo Lee, Graduate Programme in Social Work
Chandan Narayan, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Izumi M. Niki, Graduate Programme in Sociology
Hyun Ok Park, Sociology
Min Ah Park, Graduate Programme in English
Andrew Seo, Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Administration & Law
Ravneet Somal, Graduate Programme in Social Anthropology


For more information: kore@yorku.ca