India’s Textile & Pharmaceutical Industries (New Book)

Congratulations to Faculty Associate Preet Aulakh (Schulich School of Business) who is co-author with Raveendra Chittoor (University of Victoria) of a new book, Coping with Global Institutional Change: A Tale of India’s Textile and Pharmaceutical Industries (Cambridge 2022).

Book Description:

Increased governance of international trade through supra-national institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) has meant that national trade and organisational strategies need to be compatible with the norms of global institutions. Global institutional change impacts national economies and necessitates adaptation in ways that balance adherence to emerging norms while maintaining broad socioeconomic national objectives. This book focuses on two sector-specific global institutional changes initiated and implemented by the WTO in 2005 and examines how India’s textile and pharmaceutical industries coped with these changes through coordinated efforts in the multi-level national institutional system comprised of the state, industry and individual business organisations. The findings of the book, which show both convergence and divergence across the two industries in the processes and outcomes of dealing with global institutional change, would be of interest to national policymakers as well as to scholars in multiple disciplines interested in the study of institutions and institutional change.