Step 1 ‐ Complete the GDAS Enrollment Form

Please complete the Enrollment Form

There is no annual deadline for enrolling in the diploma programme, however students are encouraged show their interest in the programme as soon as possible by submitting the enrollment form to be sure all requirements can be completed.

Once the Diploma Coordinator approves your enrollment form, you will be officially enrolled. The GDAS Administrator will contact you to confirm receipt of your documentation. Be sure to inform your Graduate Programme Assistant that you have enrolled in the diploma programme.

Step 2 ‐ Meet with the GDAS Diploma Coordinator or Administrator

If you wish to arrange a meeting with Diploma Coordinator Professor Radhika Mongia, please email her at She can advise you on matching the diploma requirements to your graduate research.

Step 3 ‐ Completing the diploma requirements

The Diploma is awarded upon completion of all programme requirements. The four requirements must be completed by the time you apply to convocate with your masters or doctoral degree. There is no order in which the requirements need to be completed.

Step 4 – Applying to graduate with the Diploma

When you have met the requirements, you need to complete two sets of forms:

Completion of Requirements

Faculty of Graduate Studies Convocation Information – Diploma form

Please return the latter to the GDAS Administrator by email to

Submission Deadlines
The deadline for submission varies by year. Contact the GDAS Administrator for more details at or visit the GDAS web page: