Faculty Associate Publication | Mapping Precarity and Politicisation in Punjabi Diasporas

Michael_Nijhawan_Lay_Summary_Intl_Innovation_Research-Impacts_Research_Media_LR_Page_1“Mapping Precarity and Politicisation in Punjabi Diasporas”, Michael Nijhawan’s new publication featured in International Innovation, provides an illustrated snapshot of his research with Sikh and Ahmadi diaspora communities.  His research develops the concept of “precarious diasporas” to explore these communities’ experiences and memories of social, legal, and political violence.  The publication provides a summary of how Nijhawan brings together an analysis of the events of 1984, memory, multidimensionality, and marginalization to examine the formation of Sikh and Ahmadi diasporas.


The PDF of the publication can be accessed here.

The online version is available at: http://www.internationalinnovation.com/mapping-precarity-politicisation-punjabi-diasporas/