Teaching and Learning with Hong Kong Canadian Youth: Some Reflections

Poster for Teaching and Learning with Hong Kong Canadian Youth: Some Reflections with Amardeep Kaur, YCAR Hong Kong Studies Group Lecture Series 2023–24

Wednesday, 4 October 2023 | 14:30 to 15:30 EDT | Room 626, Sixth Floor, Kaneff Tower | York University  

With Amardeep Kaur, University of Toronto

In this talk, the speaker will provide an overview of the Hong Kong-Canadian astronaut family and her transnational circular migration. The presentation will include her reflections on teaching a course focused on Canada-Hong Kong migration at the University of Toronto, drawing from her experiences and observations in the classroom. Through this discussion, the speaker will offer insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when working with Hong Kong Canadian youth.

Amardeep Kaur holds a PhD in Geography with a Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies from York University. Kaur is presently a sessional lecturer in the Canadian Studies program at University of Toronto. Her research consists of worlding Hong Kong, Vancouver and Sikh place-making via the ship SS Komagata Maru/Guru Nanak Jahaz. Her writings on Hong Kong have appeared in Ricepaper Magazine, Rabble, and Jamhoor.

This is the inaugural event of the YCAR Hong Kong Study Group Lecture Series 2023–24 series. Its primary objectives are to review, highlight and acknowledge the new knowledge that emerging scholars are contributing to the field of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Diaspora Studies, thereby shaping its future. The series includes talks by Kinwai Chu and Elena Quah in Winter 2024. The series is organized by the Hong Kong Studies Group.

This event will be preceded by the Hong Kong Study Group’s second Meet and Greet, open to all students and faculty of Hong Kong and the Diaspora at York University.