Tamil Studies Symposium | Transnational Configurations of Tamil Identity

8 September 2017 | Room 519, 5th floor, Kaneff Tower, York University (Keele Campus), Toronto
9 September 2017 | Transportation Hall, Markham Museum, 9350 Markham Road, Markham

Transnational Configurations of Tamil Identities is an interdisciplinary Symposium to be conducted in tandem with a series of workshops that seek to develop and disseminate emerging research and explorations of Tamil identity in a transnational context.

The Symposium aims to examine the ways in which transnational Tamil identities have been documented historically and politically and performed culturally and artistically; and to explore the benefits and pitfalls of transnationalism in the face of the contradictions and limitations of nation states. The Tamil Studies Symposium and accompanying workshops are planned with the intention of bringing together students, community experts and international academics to mobilize knowledge for an innovative and culturally rich society with a global sensitivity.

This event is sponsored by the York Centre for Asian Research; the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies; the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation; the Department of Humanities; the Centre for Refugee Studies; James Bennet Financial; the City of Markham; and Cahoots Theatre Toronto.

Download a PDF file of the programme here.

Note: We regret to inform you that the keynote address by Balasingam Sukumar has been cancelled.


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