Future Uncertain: Economic, Environmental, Social and Political Challenges Facing Japan

The University of Toronto—in conjunction with the new Centre for the Study of Global Japan at the Munk School, and the Japan Futures Initiative—will host the 2017 Japan Studies Association of Canada Annual Meeting.

The theme of the conference will be Future Uncertain: Economic, Environmental, Social and Political Challenges Facing Japan. Panels and presentations will draw from a full range of social science and humanities approaches to understanding Japan’s past, present, and future. Speakers will come from across Canada, Japan, the United States and possibly Europe. Presentations will provide the most recent updates on political, social and economic events and trends occurring in Japan. Speakers will address a diverse range of topics that place Japan at its centre, including lifetime employment in the 21st century, agricultural policy, popular culture, infrastructural aid to developing countries, science and technology policy, Tohoku’s recover from the 3/11 disaster, and Japan’s relationship with the U.S. A major theme of this year’s conference will be Japan’s approach to environmental and energy issues. Concerns about climate change, nuclear energy, Japan’s disaster risk and the country’s economic future have sparked a concerted effort in the development of renewable energy, smart communities and smart cities, and the integrated policymaking necessary to support these initiatives.

Although designed for academics with a serious interest in Japan, JSAC is a welcoming and warm conference that encourages attendance from not only undergraduate and graduate students, but also the general public.

For more information visit http://munkschool.utoronto.ca/csgj/jsac2017/

This event is co-sponsored by the York Centre for Asian Research.

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