Exhibition Launch | Crossing Time Zones: China-Canada-Australia Exchange

Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (Shenyang, China) and the Sino-Canada Alliance of Arts and Culture is pleased to announce the launch of Crossing Time Zones: China-Canada-Australia art exchange.

The exhibition will run from October to December 2022, with bi-weekly social media posts featuring emerging artists from Canada, China, and Australia.

To view the exhibition, please follow the Sino-Canada Alliance social media:

“Crossing Time Zones” is an international online exhibition featuring works by emerging artists from China, Canada, and Australia. Bringing together Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (Shenyang, China), LAFA Gallery at Lu Xun Academy, and the Sino-Canada Alliance for the Arts (Canada), the project is led by Dr. Sun Wei [Suvy] (Professor of Arts Management, Lu Xun Academy) and Dr. Melanie Wilmink (Curator & Visiting Scholar, Sensorium). We are grateful for the support of the Canada-China Initiatives Fund Committee at the York Centre for Asian Research (CIFF-YCAR) as well as Dr. Joel Ong and Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology.

By representing artists from China, Canada, and Australia together, we aim to reveal the similarities and differences in creative approach fostered by unique cultural identities. The Canadian artists selected for the exhibition come from across the country, including Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary, and many of them identify as Asia-pacific diaspora with family ties to China, Philippines, and Korea. These complex identities are put into dialogue with artists from China and Australia, who have experienced similar cultural negotiations through their own travels, global citizenship, and ancestral connections to place. At the same time, the artworks also document responses to the pandemic, settler-relations and colonialism, the environmental crisis, as well as expanded notions of emplacement in a world where the line between physical and virtual is increasingly blurred. The full list of selected artists is available here: www.sinocanarts.org/?p=16195.

For more information on the Canadian artists, please contact: Melanie Wilmink (melanie.wilmink@gmail.com / www.melaniewilmink.com)