Ati-Atihan Lives + Dancing Manilenyos: Dance, Ethnography and Documentary

March 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Nat Taylor Cinema
Room 102
North Ross Building | Keele Campus

RESCHEDULED TO 12 MARCH 2019 – In conversation with filmmaker/dance professor Patrick Alcedo. A program of his ethnographic documentaries that together spotlight the indigeneity of Philippines culture through their exploration of identity and how the versatile and magical art of dance can share it. Featuring Ati-Atihan Lives (55 minutes), an intimate and absorbing document of the religious celebration of Ati-Atihan, its festivities, and its participants; and Dancing Manilenyos (20 minutes), an award-winning testament to the uplifting power of a ballet among disenfranchised Filipino youth.

Click here for the trailer for Dancing Manilenyos:

Presented by York Cinema and Media Arts, Department of Dance, York Centre for Asian Research, and Nat Taylor Tuesdays.

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