Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change’s “Research Spotlight on Asia & the Diaspora”

As part of its research spotlight on Asia and the Diaspora this month, the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change profiled the research of its doctoral students and faculty, who also happen to be YCAR Associates!

Graduate Research:

On the borderlands of university/city: Spatial stories of student housing in India
— Chan Arun-Pina

Grassroots women leaders practise community-based disaster management in the Philippines
— Chaya Go

Fieldwork and fisheries in the time of COVID-19 in Taiwan
— Mallory MacDonnell

Faculty Research:

Global player production networks: Canada’s role in developing Chinese hockey teams
— Glen Norcliffe

Migrant worker segregation doesn’t work: COVID-19 lessons from Southeast Asia
— Peter Vandergeest

Geopolitical framings of subalterity in education
— Ranu Basu