An Empire Dances Back: Nationalism, Postcoloniality and the Canadian Diaspora Through Philippine Folk Dance Traditions

Principal Investigator: R. Patrick Alcedo (Dance)
Funding: Government of Ontario Early Researcher Award

Description: This project will offer an original cultural understanding of the lives of immigrant Filipinos through the lens of Philippine folk dance as practiced in Canada, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The now-established disciplines of dance and performance studies have convincingly argued and demonstrated, by way of ethnography and historiography, that dance is not simply a mirror of a society, but is more importantly an active element in the shaping of its very fabric (Dils and Albright, 2001; Ness, 1992 and 2003; and Taylor, 2003). Employing the theories and methods of these disciplines, I intend to produce both scholarly and artistic expositions of Philippine folk dance.

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24 Feb 2016 | Lecture-performance
An Empire Stages Back: Nationalism, Postcoloniality, and the Diaspora in Philippine Dance