This is the second year of the Critical Diaspora Studies series at York University.

In 2014.2015, the series will focus on Pedagogy, Race and Area Studies. The series aims to build a space for critical conversations about the potentials, limits and challenges of teaching and learning about Asia and the Asian diaspora in Canadian universities. In particular, how do race, power and privilege inform pedagogical practices in area studies? How do we translate categories and practices across multiple contexts? How can the study of “other” areas help us interrogate society and politics in Canada?

The roundtable event in the series will focus on a specific set of questions that are envisioned as entry points into the broader themes of the series. It will bring together scholars working in the areas of Asian studies, African studies, settler colonialism and diaspora.

The themes for the three roundtable events are: “Teaching and Translating Caste”, “Race, Power and ‘Other’ Spaces”, and “Political Engagements with Hinduism”.


The series is organized by the South Asia Research Group, based at YCAR.

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