Congratulations to Ethel Tungohan and Ei Phyu Smith!

Ethel Tungohan
Ethel Tungohan (Politics) was appointed Canada Research Chair of Canadian Migration Policy: Impacts and Activism. Her research will analyze discourses that have underpinned the Canadian government’s policies towards temporary foreign workers from 1973 until 2017 and the nature of these policies and their effects on different groups of temporary foreign workers. Ethel will also look at migrant workers’ social movements that have emerged in response to anti-migrant discourses and policies.

Congratulations Ethel!


Ei Phyu Smith
The National Geographic Society awarded Ei Phyu Smith (YCAR External Associate) funding to pursue her postdoctoral project, “Returning to Freedom: The Transnational Economic and Social Linkages of the Burmese-Canadian Diaspora.” The project interrogates how the Burmese diaspora in Canada reconnects with Myanmar as their “homeland,” and how this process is complicated by the myriad of ways that the Burmese diaspora remain tethered to Canada, the country that gave them greater rights and freedoms. This research will contribute to scholarship in political and cultural geography by studying how the economic and social practices of these Burmese-Canadian individuals refine meanings of citizenship, home and multiculturalism. Their transboundary acts have implications for the economic links between Myanmar and Canada and can further deepen our understanding of lived experiences with multiculturalism in an increasingly globalized society.

Congratulations Ei Phyu!