YCAR Associate | Kabita Chakraborty

Kabita Chakraborty“The Emotions of Migration and Children’s Migration across Asia” is currently under-review as a special issue in Children’s Geographies, after the concept note was accepted in 2016. The proposed special issue is based on “Emotions of Migration: Young people’s experiences within Asia,” a workshop organized at YCAR in 2014 by Professor Chakraborty (Children’s Studies). It proposes six papers looking at young people’s affective and emotional experiences of migration from across India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal and the Philippines. The papers also share how the researchers themselves understand their own emotive negotiations in doing this research, and how this impacts on the research process. The proposed special issue sheds light on the emotional and affective dimensions of the migration process which is a much neglected aspect of children’s migration experience in Asia, and reminds the readership that research data and researcher positionality are highly intertwined.