Canada and China: A Fifty-Year Journey (New Book)

Congratulations to B. Michael Frolic] (ABMP and Professor Emeritus, Politics) on the publication of his long-awaited new book, Canada and China: A Fifty-Year Journey (University of Toronto 2022).

The book launch is scheduled for Fall 2022. 


Presenting a thorough record of Canada’s diplomatic ties with China, Canada and China recounts ten stories regarding China policy decisions made by the Canadian government. These decisions describe key bilateral moves, beginning with Pierre Trudeau’s recognition of China in 1970 and ending fifty years later with his son Justin’s attempt to reset a struggling relationship with China.

Rooted in archival research, extensive interviews, and the author’s experience as a policy observer, the book contributes to our understanding of how the Canada-China relationship has developed over time and how best to position Canada in future relations with China.

While present-day relations with China are complicated, the book deliberately seeks to provide a balanced perspective by showing both the positive and the more challenging aspects of relations with China. Ultimately, Canada and China recommends ways to manage future relations with China, while also honouring the ties it developed over fifty years.