-POSTPONED- The Grand Alliance that Defeated Fascism: History and Lessons @ Vari Hall, Conference Hall C
Apr 18 all-day

This event has been POSTPONED due to the university’s recommendation of the cancellation of non-essential gatherings.

Thank you for your understanding.

A conference at York University, Toronto, April 18, 2020

The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the world’s victory over fascism. In 1945, after a long struggle, the Allied powers (the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain, China, Canada and others) defeated Nazi Germany, Japan and the other Axis states which had unleashed the Second World War. Determined to eliminate the deadly threat fascism posed to humanity, the members of this Grand Alliance set aside their ideological differences, fought their way to victory and laid the foundations of a new international order. Today, when the world is living through a new period of heightened international tensions pitting the West against Russia and China, it is important and timely to review the historical experience of the Grand Alliance as an outstanding example of meaningful international cooperation based on common interests in the face of threats and challenges facing humanity.

It is for this purpose that a one-day conference will be held at York University in Toronto on April 18, 2020, sponsored by York Centre for Asian Research and Canadian Association of World War II Veterans from the Former Soviet Union.

——— Agenda ———

10:00. Opening remarks
—Prof. Sergei Plekhanov, Department of Politics, York University.

10:15. Telling the Real from the Fake: The Origins of World War Two
—Prof. Michael Jabara Carley, History Department, Universite de Montreal.

11:15. The Soviet Union’s Role in the Allied Victory
—Prof. Paul Robinson, Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa.

12:15. The Grand Alliance, 1941-45: Strategy and Diplomacy
—Prof. Vladimir Pechatnov, Department of European and American History and Politics, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia

13:15-14:45. Lunch break

14:45. The War in the Pacific
—Prof. Sergei Plekhanov, Department of Politics, York University.

15:45. Canada and its assistance to the Soviet Union in World War Two
—Dr. Halyna Mokrushyna, independent scholar.

16:45. Closing remarks
—Prof. Piotr Dutkiewicz, Department of Political Science, Carleton University.

The conference is open to the public.

Annual General Meeting @ TBD
Sep 4 all-day

Our AGM has been postponed until the fall of 2020 due to the university’s cancellation of non-essential gatherings.

Thank you for your understanding.

The exact date, time, and location TBD.

Please check back in on this post closer to September for an update.