Sara Mozafari-lorestani
sara mozafari-lorestani
Doctoral Student
Graduate Programme in Visual Arts, York University
Research Keywords: Space; traumatic memories; body politics; social relations; diasporic feminism
Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, sara mozafari’s art is intricately woven into the country’s narrative, shaped by the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution, encompassing women and ethnic and religious minorities’ struggles, political oppression, and the shadow of the Iran-Iraq War. Emigrating to Canada at 25, she carried her homeland’s legacy, fueling her interdisciplinary artistry spanning performance, installation, painting, drawing, architecture, textile and ceramics. As a Visual Arts doctoral student at York University, guided by an autobiographical and research-creation approach, and as an immigrant woman, sara’s artistic work delves into the correlations of traumatic memories, body politics, identity, and social relations in a diasporic feminist context. Her artworks have been presented at prestigious conferences and galleries, including University Art Association Conferences, the Society of Architectural Historians Forums, and the CAFKA Biennial.