Yu Chen
Yu Chen
Undergraduate Student
Department of Economics
Research Keywords: Digital transformation; import; exportxport
As a seasoned advisor within the Canada Digital Adoption Program at More In Store. My expertise lies in guiding businesses through the intricacies of digital modernization, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency and market competitiveness. As a consultant for Ontario’s Digital Modernization and Adoption Plan Program at Triple Triple Entertainment Inc., I have successfully led numerous projects focused on digital transformation strategies, helping organizations adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

My academic and professional journey is characterized by a deep commitment to fostering digital innovation and adoption across various sectors. At York University, I am excited to delve into research focusing on the import and export sectors, aiming to uncover actionable insights and strategies that can drive growth and sustainability in the global marketplace. My work is driven by a passion for exploring how digital tools and platforms can effectively optimize trade processes, enhance cross-border commerce, and contribute to the overall advancement of the digital economy.