Jasmine Ahmad
Jasmine Ahmad
Master’s Candidate
Graduate Programme in Development Studies, York University
Research keywords: refugee; Afghan community; diaspora; policy
The world needs leaders that comprehend complicated societal problems, divisive conflicts and the looming climate crises, to name just a few. To alter the world for the better and leave it better than when I arrived, I would like to be one of these leaders.

My research focus is to gain insight into the perspectives and beliefs of the Afghan population in Toronto regarding their present resettlement and their previous home. I hope to learn more about the following topics: how do the diaspora members feel about the boycott of relations with the country? Why do we choose to boycott some countries but not others? How will their experiences differ based on when they left the country? And does the diasporas attitude in Canada put pressure on the government? Understanding the viewpoint of those who really experience it is crucial and has to be emphasized. These viewpoints and opinions influence people’s views on this significant issue, and policies are developed around them.