Magdelena Ho-Yan Tang
Magdelena Ho-yan Tang
Researcher and Choral Conductor
Research Keywords: Embodiment; choral music; public space; performativity
Magdelena Ho-yan Tang is a researcher and a choral conductor. She is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong’s PhD program in musicology. Her dissertation, “The Singing Public in Hong Kong: Choral Music as Social Life,” emphasizes the corporeal aspects of choral music in relation to the making of social life. Her research focuses on notions of identity, performative aspects of collective singing, and public space. In the past, she presented her works at the Association of Chinese Music Research annual meeting, the Royal Musical Association 57th Annual Conference, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz Doctoral School for Artistic Research, and the Hong Kong Studies Symposium. Her work can be seen in the peer-reviewed journal Music and Politics.