Sugandha Gaur
Sugandha Gaur
Interim Chair, Advertising Program, Faculty of Design
OCAD University
Research Keywords: Actionism; folk art; community; decolonization; culture; creative action; activism; advertising
I am an advertising Actionist with 10+ years of experience comprising of advertising practice, research, and teaching undergrad and postgrad students in various setups. I hold a PhD in Media Arts—a highly valuable experience that enhanced my knowledge in unconventional communication approaches to implement change for good.

My interest lies in building pedagogies and practice around inclusion, social change and decolonization, while valuing indigenous knowledges and land. I am motivated by the fact that creativity can solve almost any problem, if intended. I am also finding ways to connect with tribal and folk artists in India; Gond Art from Madhya Pradesh – India, being one of my keen focus at the moment.

Currently, I am an Interim Chair of the Advertising Program at OCAD University and I am focusing on building visibility, tools and pedagogies, as an advertising Actionist. I am also preparing for the various grants to open an Actionist lab as a long-term goal in developing the future framework and alternative approaches for an ethical and inclusive advertising landscape.

I am an immigrant to Canada and I respect its original custodians and their cultures.