Trung Ngo
Trung Ngo
Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Programme in Social and Political Thought, York University
Research keywords: Phenomenology; hermeneutics; early Buddhism; comparative continental and Indian philosophy
Trung Ngo is a doctoral candidate in Social and Political Thought at York University. He holds an MA in Philosophy, MBA and B. Mech Eng. His research and doctoral thesis is focused on phenomenology and hermeneutics of early Indian Buddhism. He is fluent in English, French and Vietnamese, and he is studying Sanskrit.

• Cooper vs Hadot: On the Nature of Hellenistic Therapeutic Philosophy. Noesis, Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, University of Toronto, Vol. XIX, pp. 24–32.

Conference Presentations
• Lost in Translation: A Brief Historical and Philosophical Interpretation of the Tale of Kiều. Japan Studies Association of Canada Annual Conference 2022. The Ted Rogers School of Management and Toronto Metropolitan University, October 2022.
• Herbert Marcuse’s Quest for Desublimated Liberation: A Radical Enlightenment Program. Queen’s Political Studies Graduate Conference “Politics on the Margins: Resisting the Reproduction of Current Power Structures”. Queen’s University, March 2022.
• Uber: A Case Study of Differentiated Accumulation in the Demand Transportation Sector. The Global Labour Research Centre (GLRC) Graduate Student Symposium: Critical Conversations in Work and Labour, October 2021.