Yuk Lin Renita Wong
Yuk-Lin Renita Wong
School of Social Work, York University
Research keywords: Mindfulness; contemplative pedagogy; spirituality and social justice; critical social work; embodied learning and decolonization; China; Hong Kong
Professor Yuk-Lin Renita Wong’s scholarship and teaching aim at deconstructing the power relations in the knowledge production and discursive practices of social work as well as re-centering marginalized voices and ways of knowing and being. She brings contemplative pedagogy into critical social work education and takes up mindfulness practice as a pedagogy of decolonization and as critical reflective practice that nurtures awareness and wholeness in social justice work. She has been a mindfulness practitioner since 1998 and leads meditation and mindfulness training in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Representative Publications:

– Wong, Yuk-Lin Renita. 2018. “‘Please call me by my true names’: The decolonizing pedagogy of mindfulness and interbeing in critical social work education.” In Sharing breath: Embodied learning and decolonization, edited by Sheila Batacharya and Yuk-Lin Renita Wong, 253–277. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press.
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