Albert Schrauwers
Albert Schrauwers
Department of Anthropology, York University
Research keywords: Development of “corporate governmentality”; Dutch and English colonial empires
Albert Schrauwers is an economic anthropologist whose current research focuses on the development of “corporate governmentality” (or, of the action of corporations as creatures of government) in a range of contexts, including the Dutch and English colonial empires. He draws on post-colonial theory and governmentality studies to explore patterns of capitalist development and exploitation, through mechanisms such as money and banking as exercises in biopower.

He has also written extensively on marriage, households and development in the highlands of Central Sulawesi, including a book on colonial reformation in the highlands between 1892 and 1995 (2000). Emerging out of this context, he leads a consortium of concerned scholars of Sulawesi who have created a website/journal Lobo (the “meeting place”), which provides translations of social science and historical research on the region in Indonesian for use by local universities and authorities.