Glen Norcliffe
Glen Norcliffe
Professor Emeritus of Geography
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University
Research keywords: Critical geographies of industry, trade and development; performing the economy; geographical construction of technology; dispossession in extractive regions
Glen Norcliffe has been a faculty member of the Department of Geography at York University since 1970. His research is focussed on industry, trade and development, framed in a cultural political economy perspective. His research in China has examined the global production networks that connect makers in China with consumers elsewhere. Specifically he has worked with Chinese researchers on the Chinese bicycle industry and its trade with Canada. Subsequently he worked with Chinese and British researchers on the rise of the laptop computer industry in Chongqing and its global supply networks. His current research, funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant explores the global player production networks whereby Canadian hockey players and institutions are building hockey skills in China. Glen has also worked on technology issues in China, particularly the role of low-tech delivery tricycles in Beijing, and on the mobilities resulting from the displacement of bicycle culture by automobility.

He has published or edited twelve books and over 120 professional articles and chapters during his career. Details can be found on his website.