Arun Mukherjee
Arun Mukherjee
Professor Emerita
Department of English, York University
Research keywords: South Asian and minority Canadian literatures; Dalit literature; translation
Over the years, Arun Mukherjee has researched and taught Canadian and Indian and South Asian literatures. Her current research is focused on South Asian and Minority Canadian literatures, specifically Dalit literature. She has also translated Dalit literature. Professor Mukherjee did her graduate work in English at the University of Saugar, India and came to Canada as a Commonwealth Scholar in 1971 to do a PhD at the University of Toronto.

She is the author of The Gospel of Wealth in the American Novel: The Rhetoric of Dreiser and His Contemporaries (Croom Helm: 1987), Towards an Aesthetic of Opposition: Essays on Literature, Criticism and Cultural Imperialism (Williams-Wallace: 1988), Oppositional Aesthetics: Readings from a Hyphenated Space (TSAR: 1995), and Postcolonialism: My Living (TSAR: 1998). She has edited and written the Introduction of Sharing Our Experience (Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women: 1993), an anthology of autobiographical writings by aboriginal women and women of colour. She is a member of York Stories Editorial Collective which edited York Stories: Women in Higher Education (TSAR: 2000). Her translation of Dalit writer Omprakash Valmiki’s autobiography Joothan: A Dalit’s Life (Samya: Kolkata & Columbia U Press: 2003) won the New India Foundation Prize for “the finest book published in India during 2002–2003.” Her translation of Dalit writer Sharan Kumar Limbale’s novel, Hindu, was published by Samya in 2010.